Martial Arts Themed Dad Jokes

Steven Elmore
2 min readApr 21, 2021

Dad jokes. One of the main reasons I became a dad. I have been telling them most of my adult life, well before becoming a dad. However, once my son was born, my dad joke mojo got a boost in energy.

My son heard his first dad joke after being alive for less than one hour. True story. After getting back to the maternity room (he was born via c-section) I was holding him while my wife rested. I proceeded to tell him the following joke:

What do Anders (my son’s name) and a pickle have in common?

They are both a really big dill!

I agree, not my best effort. I did not plan this joke; it just came out. A combination of being sleep deprived, excited, and the fact I was wearing green socks, resulted in that joke. My wife, although still out of it from the post-surgery drugs, managed to roll her eyes. I did manage to get the nurse to laugh so that was at least a plus.

Being a lifelong martial artist, I thought it prudent to incorporate martial arts into my dad joke portfolio. So, here are my 10 martial arts themed dad jokes. These are jokes that I came up with myself, good or bad. They may resemble an existing joke or even be already in existence. If that is the case, I apologize, I honestly sat down and wrote these out without any research.

So, without further ado…

10 Best Martial Arts Themed Dad Jokes

What type of martial art do kangaroos practice?

Hop Ki Do

What is the name of the tree that is the best fighter in the forest?

Spruce Lee

Martial artists in this style are known for their amazing footwear.

Jiu Jit Shoe

This martial art specializes in knots.

Tie Kwon Do

This spicy martial art from China originated in Buffalo.

Wing Chun

What are Judo students doing when they are not training?

Ju don’t

What martial art is popular with bakers?

Tang Soo Dough

What type of pasta teaches martial arts?


What soft style of martial arts is popular with brie?

Tai Cheese

What is the martial art style of Captain Kirk’s nemesis?


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